Savannah Adventure Club

The Savannah Adventure Club is designed for those in their 20's-30's-40's that like to participate in Outdoor Activities and meet others that do as well.

It is designed to be more like a group of friends rather than a Formal organization, membership is Free! {see note below} It's just a great way for young people to meet other like minded people and participate in outdoor activities and other social gatherings.
Some times activities are "ongoing", while others (Like: sailing, skydiving, kayaking, hiking, camping, tennis, soccer, meet-and-greets, etc) are set-up individually, and in advance.

As of JUNE/JULY 2011 We are Transitioning away from our Community Website (in order to keep Membership Free) and will be using our Facebook Page for All activities and Discussions.

If this sounds like something you would like to be part of, please click on the link below, then Click on the "LIKE" button on the Facebook Page.

We currently have 700 members in the SAC Community Site!
So the Facebook Page should start filling up over the next few weeks.
To Join the club, Click the link below:
Then Click the "LIKE" button on the Facebook Page.

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Savannah Adventure Club
[Est August 2005]